BHU with Air Sterelization & LED Lights

Our new, Patented Air Sterilization (PAS) system, in our BHU, is guaranteed to destroy COVID-19 and other viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the air of the patient’s hospital ward.
With our patented system, unlike with the use of ultraviolet industrial air sterilizers, harmful to humans OZONE gas is NOT released in the sterilization process.
With PAS, air sterilization can continue with patents and medical personnel present in the room. Operating noise level, of our BHU sterilizer, does not exceed the normal background noise in the typical hospital’s ward.
Our BHU indirect and patient’s direct (reading) lights use high efficiency, low energy consumption, very long life, and “cutting-edge technology” LED elements.
Indirect and direct lights are so designed as not to dazzle the eyes of patients and medical staff.
Magnetic light and nurse call remote control is extremely convenient to the patient. It is always within easy reach of the patient and quickly attaches to any metal surface for safe keeping.

Vertical Wall Pendants For special applications
  • For application in small operating theatres
  • intensive therapy
  • newborn wards
  • anesthesiology
  • emergency ward

It is installed where there is a limited attachment place at the patient's bed where an increased density of the bedding is required.

Installed on pendants:

  • up to 8 gas outlets
  • up to 8 electricity socket
  • reading light source for patient - medical nurse call modules
  • Information sockets R-JU5
Medical oxygen plant in the container M-DGS/K
  • Complete and convenient version generation of oxygen M-DGS1.
  • 4 diferent models of performance.
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Does not require premises in the medical institution.
Oxygen cylinder filling station M-DPS
Used as addition of the M-DGS station for the provision of ambulances help with cylinder oxygen and to provide oxygen for small medical institutions.
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