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Medical Technologies LBI was established in 1992 as a Joint Venture company by founders from USA (Euromedika Company) and Lithuania (Scientific Research Institute). The long-term strategy of this new firm was to design, develop, manufacture and supply medical institutions with modern, high technology medical devices and equipment in the global market.

Initially, MT's equipment served the Dental Clinic sector. In 1996, the firm's main strategic focus shifted to the Hospital sector: operating rooms, intensive care, recovery, therapy, medical gases, and communication, control and safety systems. (Note: We DO NOT manufacture hospital furniture, instruments, diagnostic systems, or materials, but can provide them in “turn-key” programs.)

Currently, our major markets are in Europe and Asia, with aggressive expansion into selective countries of Africa, Oceania and the Americas.
Our technical staff helps customers in the preparation of projects for medical gas systems and in the installation of related equipment. With our regional Partners/ Distributors, we globally execute complete, “turn-key” programs for hospitals.

The Company participates in the largest International and Regional Medical Exhibitions to present its most modern and up-to-date hospital equipment and products, to meet new clients and to expand its contacts into new markets.

Medical Technologies provides its Partners, Distributors and Direct Clients with high quality, cutting-edge technology, proven long-term reliability products at a reasonable cost.
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Our Company's activities in MEDICAL GAS SYSTEM projects
  • Consulting health institutions, architects, engineers, designers and general contractors on installation of medical gas systems in hospitals according to international standard. In early planning of projects, provide answer to customer's specific questions.
  • Preparing medical gas pipelines projects for new installations, or renovations.
  • Selecting equipment for medical gas systems in compliance with national standards, exact specifications of project, and customer's financial capabilities.
  • Offering hospitals our Company's manufactured equipment for medical gas systems on very favorable supply terms.
  • Selecting proper other manufacturer's unique equipment for medical gas systems in order to meet unconventional project's specification.
  • Performing originator's supervision of our company's prepared projects, installed medical gas equipment and supply pipelines.
  • Participating in testing of installed medical gas systems and starting/adjusting procedures. Also, contributing to conclusions on the installed system's conformity to international standards.
  • Guaranteeing long - term (not less than ten years) supply of spare parts.
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