Medical Oxygen Generating Plants

Medical Oxygen Generating Plants M-DGS
  • Full compliance with the standard ISO 7396-1:2016.
  • Productivity from 40 l/min to 1235 l/min.
  • Uninterrupted oxygen supply. - Oxygen concentration 93±2%.
  • Oxygen purity according to paragraph ISO 7396-1:2016.
  • 10 station models of M-DGS1.
  • 14 station models of M-DGS2.
  • Еconomic and convenient supply of medical institutions with oxygen.

Modular Medical Oxygen Generating Plants M-DGS1/K

Medical oxygen plant in the container M-DGS/K

  • Complete and convenient version generation of oxygen M-DGS1.
  • 4 diferent models of performance.
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Does not require premises in the medical institution.

Oxygen Cylinder Filling Stations M-DPS
Oxygen cylinder filling station M-DPS is used as addition of the M-DGS station for the provision of ambulances help with cylinder oxygen and to provide oxygen for small medical institutions.
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