Bed Head Units

Bed Head Units M-PB

Bed Head Units BHU M-PB A universal Bed Head Unit for any profile healing wards Can be completed with:

  • Supply of medical gases, compressed air and vacuum to the patients bed (up to 6 outlets)
  • 3 types of lighting: indirect ward lighting, reading and night lighting

  • Supply of electricity, audio-video signals to the patients bed
  • Nurse call for various centralized systems
  • Remote controlled nurse call and lighting sources
  • Possibility of positioning additional equipment for various procedures on the rails
  • Various lengths, depending on composition, profile 500 - 2000 mm
  • Option of air sterilization
  • Might be assembled with various standards medical gas outlets
  • Infusion fluids bags fastening
  • Railing for suspended equipment
  • I.V. pole for infusion, syringe pumps and drips
  • Shelf for the monitor
  • Housing, covers and front panel can be painted according to customer’s order by RAL colors

Bed Head Units M-PB VIP

Economic Model of Bed Head Unit M-PB05A
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