Medical Ceiling Pendants

Medical Ceiling Pendants M-GL

Medical Ceiling Pendants are manufacturing in these modifications:

  • Two arms height adjustable ceiling pendants M-GL09A
  • One arm height adjustable ceiling pendants M-GL06A
  • Two arms ceiling pendants M-GL09
  • One arm ceiling pendants M-GL06
  • Fixed position ceiling pendants M-GL03

Depending on the model consists of the following parts:
  • hanging module with one or two arms between 500 and 1200 mm length
  • Service head (vertical or horizontal) up to 1500 mm length
  • Turning component with roller conical bearings for arm and device turning to 340 °
  • Electric pneumobrakes with control system.
  • Gas pressure control with alarm, in case of gas pressure deviation from operating values.
We install in the service head:
  • up to 12 medical gas outlets
  • up to 20 electrical outlets with covers
  • up to 12 units of potential equalization pins
  • up to 6 ethernet sockets R-J45
  • Pendants lifting capacity from 100 kg to 260 kg depends on the length of the arms.
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