Wall Pendants

Medical Wall Pendants M-PB05A

Wall Pendants M-PB05A For application in small operating theatres, intensive therapy, anesthesiology and emergency wards

Can be completed with:

  • Medical gases, air, vacuum supply (up to 12 outlets)
  • Power supply to electrical devices (up to 24 electric outlets)
  • Railings for suspended devices (25 x 10 mm)
  • Gas pressure monitoring system with the light and sound alarm system
  • Shelf for the monitor - Infusion pumps and drips holder
  • Indirect ward lighting
  • Patient’s zone lighting with light emitting diodes and reserve supply source
  • Night lighting
  • Bedside screens
  • Other equipment
  • Various lengths, depending on composition
  • Anodized aluminum profile.
  • Standard colors of front panels and side covers.

Wertical Wall Pendants
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